Reservation Policies


Must be requested in writing preferably at least 24 hours before guest arrival otherwise the value will be charged the first night's accommodation.

For bookings of 6 or more rooms. / prices / rates-Gauteng-boutique-hotel.htm "> see the conditions here

Cancellations before Check-in: The percentage of rooms that are to cancel the group according to the days before cancellation and the number of rooms originally booked. He charged the value of the first night's accommodation in accordance with the percentage set when the group cancellation is outside of the established ranges.

No Show Policy: The reservation is respected until 12 pm on day of arrival. Any guest who has booked the hotel and arrive on schedule, it is considered no show and the hotel must pay 100% of the value of the first night. In addition, the reservation will be canceled automatically and if it needs to be reactivated, you must request a new book, which will be subject to hotel availability.

Policy check in and check out

Check in: 3:00 pm Check out: 1:00 pm

Early check in / late check out: will be awarded according to the occupation of the day when required upon request. If late checkout is not informed and authoritative in the hotel reception, this will have an additional charge of 50% of the fare.

Policy does not check out

Failure to check out is determined when a guest room does not release the date stated in your booking.

If the hotel is 100% on your occupation and length of stay creates oversold, the hotel manager may authorize the extension of the stay with a surcharge of 50% to the value of the nightly rate. If there is availability of rooms will not be charged any additional fees.

The Hotel as service strategy, will make every effort to provide alternative accommodation in other hotels in the chain or competition, guests that lack of availability should be removed.

Payment Policy

Cash: Colombian pesos, dollars and euros

I Credit Card Debit: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners.

Company Account: in this case should send a letter of support where the company specifies the charges you pay during the stay of the guest. For additional consumption voucher request the guest as backup guarantee which will be returned at the time of check-out.

If required for payment by credit card is not needed face written authorization containing the following information: name of cardholder, card number, expiration date and security code.

Thank you for choosing us and trust our services.

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Head of Customer Service

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